The Feltmaking Process

Felt. The Artist’s Medium

Felt is one of the earliest materials to have been made by man and as mankind has been farming sheep for 10,000 years we can assume that felt making was discovered relatively soon afterwards.

The felting of wool is based on a natural process. Heat, humidity and friction cause wool fibres to become matted and entangled so that they cannot be separated.
The technique of collage or nuno felt involves the entangling of wool fibres with an already woven structure. The result is a fabric which has undergone a structural change. The surface has been manipulated during the felting process.The basic process requires only water, soap and hands. The felt process works through a combination of heat and friction.
In this century felt making can be seen as a medium of self expression.
Felting as a technique offers the artist a broad canvas of expression and endless creative opportunities; a true textural landscape.

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